Funerals, ashes and memorials

Our ministers are here to help and support you during difficult times, and to craft the funeral or memorial service that will celebrate the life of a loved one. We can help you with funerals and memorial services in our churches and crematoriums, with the interment of ashes in churchyards, and with memorials in churchyards.


Arrangements for funerals in our churches (or conducted by our ministers at the crematorium) are made with our Mission Community Office Manager, Joyce Keetley, usually by the Funeral Directors you have engaged. Joyce's contact details can be found below.

There is guidance on church funerals on the Church of England's Life Events pages.

Interment of ashes

To discuss the interment of ashes in one of our churchyards, please contact our minister, Stephen Tudway, using the contact details below.


The placement or restoration of memorials in churchyards, and the addition of inscriptions to existing memorials, requires permission under the Churchyard Regulations. In simple cases that comply with Appendix B of the Churchyard Regulations, this permission can be given by the minister. Application for permission is normally made on your behalf by the memorial mason whom you have engaged. Application forms should be directed to our Mission Community Office Manager, Joyce Keetley, whose contact details can be found below.

The minister does not have authority to permit memorials that do not comply with the Churchyard Regulations, even if there are already similar memorials in the churchyard. If you think you have a good case for a memorial outside the terms of the Churchyard Regulations, you or your memorial mason should first consult with the minister and Parochial Church Council. It will then be necessary to apply to the Diocesan Chancellor for permission, which is done through the Carlisle Diocesan Registry. Contact details can be found here.

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